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Equine Podiatry Services




  1. the treatment of the feet and their ailments.

"No Foot, No Horse."  A truer cliche' has never been spoken, as the majority of fore limb lameness originates within the hoof capsule.

"Shoeing prescription is an oxymoron." Your farrier has shod more horses than your vet (unless your vet is a farrier)

The importance of equine podiatry in all disciplines cannot be undervalued, and your farrier's input is paramount in maintaining your horses soundness. Newmarket-Indialantic Equine schedules podiatry appointments so they coincide with your farrier's time at your stable, so they can evaluate the digital radiographs, and the soundness exam, in "real time" and at the same time as the veterinarian. 

Podiatry appointments can be made as a primary visit, or on referral (simply to take hoof rads for your farrier). Contact us today for more information.

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