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Assisting you in interpreting and navigating the USEquestrian and FEI Passport Instructions and web-sites (USEq. click here and FEI click here)


New and duplicate horse passport completion.  


Proper administration and documentation of Influenza vaccination

FEI Veterinary Delegate & Permitted Treating Vet. (ID 10050293) Show Services.

It is "Rocket Science":
The Holistic Approach to Performance Horse Care

Very much like Equine Internal Medicine, Equine Soundness (lameness) is often based on experience combined with the ability to interpret imaging and clinical exam results correctly. With digital radiographs and digital ultrasound, 30 years of field experience, a Fellowship at Oregon State University, and a Residency at Texas A&M University (the only residency in the USA that combines internal medicine with lameness), Dr. Lockwood is well suited to help your horse "get back on (all 4 of) it's feet."

State of the art treatments: regenerative therapies (stem cells, platelet-rich plasma [PRP] and interleukin-1 receptor antagonist protein [IRAP], etc.), mesotherapy, and comprehensive physical therapy (via local physiotherapists) are available to help with the day to day inflammation that is the result of competition (or even trail riding) stress.

Orthopedic ( bone & joint) soundness is only part of the picture; with Newmarket-Indialantic Equine your horses musculoskeletal, neurological, endocrine, and "medical" (liver, kidney, eyes, dentition, etc) systems are evaluated at each and every lameness/equine sports medicine appointment. It's this "whole-body" approach that ensures you've covered all the bases for you horses welfare.

Purchase Examinations


Choose Newmarket-Indialantic Equine for your next purchase exam. The examinations are comprehensive, with your questions and concerns answered during the exam. The reports are in-depth, not a "tic-box" but a full written report (3+ pages) with board-certified radiologist comments on your x-ray images available at cost.  


Click here for guidelines from the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) which will help ensure a custom-tailored exam.


We are an email away, for you & your horse:


Have a question about your horses soundness, &/or would like a second opinion on the current diagnosis and radiograph interpretation?

Email your questions, concerns, and attach x-ray images (radiographs)
helping to keep your horse "fit to compete"
From Maine

"Ní dhéanann an capall choinneáil ar a luas go deo."*

-- Irish Proverb

*"The horse does not retain its speed forever"


For more information on this "cyst-Like" lesion in the stifle, here's an article from "The Horse" magazine, and compare this radiograph to the normal stifle on the right of the page.

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